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ECTA Approved

Setting Standards For The Industry Since 2011

First, What is the ECTA?

To begin, the ECTA or the “Electronic Cigarette Trade Association” is an industry-wide association who play a vital role in the manufacturing and distribution of e-Liquids and hardware alike. The association set rules and guidelines which assure that all companies produce quality products that follow the safety framework set in place. To enumerate, ten founding fathers and electronic cigarette vendors formed the association in 2011 and in like manner. Work alongside an international team known as the ECITA. The ECITA and ECTA work together to maintain the existing laws Canada has in place regarding electronic cigarettes and liquids. Which ensures a certain level of standards, including safety standards for vendors and consumers alike.

Second, the Goals of the ECTA?

In particular, the main goal of the Electronic Cigarette Trade Association is to collate the various electronic cigarette laws presently seen all across Canada. Thus formalizing the program known as the Electronic Cigarette Trade Association Industry of Excellence. The ECTA would then monitor the program to ensure that every member follows the set guidelines. The ECTA’s goals are similar to the program already in place in the EU and the UK. The EU and the UK have both faced similar issues regarding electronic cigarettes. But have since found relief once they put these programs into place. Hence why the ECTA bases their program off their proven, existing one.

Lastly, What are the Label Standards?

First, e-Liquid shall be regulated under the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act (CCPSA). As well, the Consumer Chemicals and Container Regulations 2001 (CCCR).

Second, the Consumer Packaging and Labelling Act (CPLA). And also the Consumer Packaging and Labelling Regulations (CPLR), apply to all consumer products in Canada.

Lastly, the ECTA stamp is given only to participating businesses who display that they are not only legally compliant. But that their products are safe and adhere to a specific level of excellence customers can really trust.