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Summer Affair e-Liquid


Summer Affair e-Liquid by Exotics e-Liquid is absolutely a basket of Strawberry Delight! Exotics e-Liquid packs a Strawberry field into every Summer Affair e-Liquid.

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Originally named Strawberry Delight e-Liquid, Summer Affair e-Liquid by Exotics e-Liquid’s an exciting and intoxicating blend of sinful Strawberry flavour! Exotics e-Liquid packs a forbidden field of Strawberries into every bottle of Strawberry Delight e-Liquid.

e-Liquid PG/VG Blend

Exotics e-Liquid blends Strawberry Delight e-Liquid with a specific mixture of 70/30 Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin. Both base products are of the highest-quality, and not to mention sourced in North American!

Summer Affair e-Liquid Sizes

Customers may purchase Summer Affair e-Liquid in two obviously delightful sizes. The first delightful size being a handy, convenient 30ml bottle. While the second is a value-sized 130ml bottle.

Made In Canada

Strawberry Delight e-Liquid by Exotics e-Liquid’s not only produced with the highest-quality, base liquids and flavourings. But Exotics e-Liquid also proudly hand-brews every bottle of Exotics premium e-Liquids in Canada! 

Additional information

Strawberry Delight e-Liquid Strengths

0mg, 4mg, 8mg, 12mg, 18mg

Strawberry Delight e-Liquid Sizes

30ml, 130ml